Manisha Bansal Baliga (Ma Amrita)

Life is priceless
Your worth underestimated
Who has ever gained
Knowledge, Bliss, Soulfulness
Without treading the paths
Of so called sorrows and pain?
Life's journey never started
Then why, you ever seek an end?

Manisha is a Vessel/Container of All consciousness and channels Vibrational Energy. She teaches through her intuition and also teach the known and established streams of well-being. She knew from her being that she was different since her childhood. She inherited the knowledge and vision to all lives.

Growing up in a family where everyone was deeply spiritual in thier own special way, she learned the esoteric teachings of 'Arya Samaja', 'Shiva', 'Krishna & Radha' & 'Ma Kaali'. She always found her guides close. It was through the Teachings of 'Osho' & 'Yoga' imparted by her father and 'Bhakti' by Mother, grandparents, maternal uncle & aunts, her initiation accelerated.

Healers seek unity in their lives, unity of body and mind, emotions and intellect, perhaps because they are likely to have a sense of inner division threaded through their lives. Perhaps this is the reason that her quest for unity and bliss led to a never-ending goal of making other people help in reaching their own soulfulness.

The knowing,

'I am a whole, complete, loving, happy, compassionate and healthy enlightened soul',

came during walking meditation one evening. She realized that this is what everyone needs to know. In the lack of awareness, we tend to live on earthly planes, in social circle, barely remembering who we are.

'Who am I?', is the vital question and the answer to this question is resolved in rememberance. Self-realization is a stage that comes through wandering on this very question. Budhha, the enlightened one, achieved nirvana because of this very question.

Through her work and specific techniques, she helps everyone come in contact with themselves/Isness.

The truth is that one has to go beyond the paradigm of duality and beyond meditation. One has to go beyond relatedness and one has to go beyond aloneness. When togetherness and aloneness have both disappeared, what is left? Nothing is left. That nothing is the taste of existence. You are neither alone nor together. In fact you are not. Ikkyu

Her yearning increased to find the truth of consciousness, with the difficult life situations. At the age of 23, a personal challenge turned tragedy made her seek for holistic healing 'Reiki', which she knew helped but had never heard or read about it. That was the day she met her first formal spiritual teacher in this life. From that moment onwards, she was bestowed with many masters from differnet traditions and paths of divinity, who guided her with 'Gyana' of the sacred through 'Divine Sound', 'Light', 'Nectar', 'Bliss', 'Bhakti', 'Formlessness and Form', 'Durga', 'Yogic Kriyas', 'Tratak', 'Mantras' and 'Yantras'.

Through her work since a very young age, she has touched many and attracts respects of every individual who has ever met or talked to her. She has been helping people with various therapies that she practices and teaches. Some of these therapies are:

Karuna Reiki
Ascension Reiki
Chakras-Knowledge & balancing
Path of Durga
Alchemy of Divine Sound and Light
Gaiadon Heart (Mer-Ka-Bah & Keys to Ascension)
Theta DNA Healing & Advance DNA Healing
Money Mantras & Living in Abundance
Kriya yoga
Crystal Healing
Pranic Healing

She teaches and practices in India and USA.

She now imparts esoteric knowledge and teaches healing therapies. Her focus is on organizing various workshops based on experience and knowledge she gains in meditative states, as well as from the enlightened masters. The emphasis of the workshops is on healing, Wholeness, Relaxation, Abundance, Ascension and Self-realization. The classes and workshops are well attended. She also hold Healing circle once a week, where healers and seekers all come together for self healing & healing others.

You can get in touch with her here.