Reiki is the unconditional love and wholenes. It is a Japanese art of reducing stress and attaning balanced health, with it's roots in ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings.

Reiki is:

Life Force Energy

Divine Consciousness

Spiritually Guided

Intelligent Wisdom

Unconditional Love & compassion

All knowing

Bridge between science & Spirituality

Tool to Develop Wellness Consciousness

One with all Creation


Reiki can be used for:

Stress Redution

Balanced Health


Overcoming Depression and Anxiety


Boosting Immunity

Energizing Home

Help in Meditation

Enhance Inner Peace

Achieving Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Balance

Strenghtening the life chord

Being in tune with your spiritual guides

Activating Divine Healing Force within all Human Beings

Manifesting Goals

Achieving Abundance

Unity Consciousness

Strenghtens & Expands the Subtle Energy System

Seamlessly intergating other healing modalities with it

Helping pets

Healing plants

Reducing side effects of medicine


What it is not?

A Religion/Religious Belief System



Medical Science



Who is it for?

Everyone including Nurses, PT's, Doctors, professionals, artists, healers, yogis and regular people.

Who can learn it?

Everyone who has interest in alternate medicine, children, athletes, psychotherapists, psycologists, massage therapists, meditators, doctors, nurses, physical therpists, musicians, actors, teachers, parents, naturalists. In a nutshell anyone and everyone. There are no pre-requisites for starting your Reiki Journey. It is simple and easy and takes just 2 days to learn it.

Reiki for families and groups

We also offer special classes for families and groups if you wish to incorporate Reiki in your day to day life. Learning Reiki as a family helps improve communication, heal relationships, strenghten emotional bonding, create support system and spiritual bond. This is usually what families are also looking forward to. These programs are offered in private setting.

Can I make Reiki practice as my full time profession?

Of course you can! It can be seamlessly intergated with whatever practice you are already doing. You can establish a full time healing center or start to teach it as a profession. However, you must check with your county/ state about the laws related to Reiki practice.

As with any practice, one should have learned it in a proper classroom setting, practiced it daily and have honest regards for it. One must be passionate about helping people and starting the professional practice with Reiki. They should also be well versed with Ethics and Standards of the practice. One should also have disclosers and insurace to backup.

Where can I learn Reiki?

Reiki is taught by people who are Reiki Masters/Teachers. One can recieve Reiki training from Reiki teachers. Before you begin a session with them, do ask their background, experience, as well as their lineage. Although Reiki is taught in various forms (classroom, via internet and distance), I feel that the most value comes from one to one interaction is a classroom setting. This way, person can be present to the content, practice giving and recieving Reiki. Reiki is primarily a hands on healng method and experiencing the hands for transmitting energy and recieving Reiki is a deep experience.

I teach all levels of Reiki in Sunnyvale, CA and various locations in Bay area and USA & India in classroom, in a group or individual setting.

How many levels of Reiki are there?

In the Usui style of Reiki healing there are 3 levels. It was later divided into 4 levels. Some people even have 5 levels of Reiki training. They are:

Reiki Level 1: Self Healing

Reiki Level 2: Healing others, distance healing, group healing & using advance methods

Reiki Level 3A/ ART: (Advance Reiki Training): Self Mastery

Reiki Level 3B: Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki next Level: Reiki Grandmaster

A student is required to learn Reiki level 1&2 over a two days weekend class. They are expected to practice it for 3- 6 months before moving on to the next level. Reiki 3A &3B is taught over 3 days on weekend class. If the student is not ready to be a Reiki teacher, they can opt to learn Reiki 3a over 1.5 days weekend class and learn Reiki 3b over another 1.5 day weekend class after 6 months. Reiki grandmastership level is a half day class.

Are there many streams of different types of Reiki?

Yes, there are many variations of Reiki and all of them require Reiki 1 & 2 as pre-requisite. Some of the more popular Reiki variation or other types of Reiki are:

Karuna Reiki

Ascension Reiki

Kundalini Reiki

TeraMai Reiki

Seichem Reiki etc.

I teach only 3 streams of Reiki because they are very profound. Usui style of Reiki in it's original form which includes Japanese Techniques, Karuna Reiki & Ascension Reiki.