Reiki Level 1 & 2


This class is for you if you are intrested in learning to heal yourself, have recieved reiki and want to practice it, are interested in discovering the spiritual roots in your life, want to expand your consciousness and experience deep states of meditation, help others with their healing journey, or are simply curious.

This is a 2 days class taught over a weekend/ weekdays. Both the classesare taught consecutively. This saves study time and healing process time. It also brings more empowerment to the students.

You will learn:

Introduction to Reiki

History of Reiki

Guided Meditation to open your heart chakra

Self Healing

Byosen scanning

Healing others

Distance Healing by transcending time and space

Symbols,their mantras and uses

Connecting to Reiki guides

Symbol meditation

Group healing

Healing with eyes

Healing plants, animals, medicines,home, workplace

Healing breath (koki ho)


Reiji ho



Strenghtening your light/ Reiki Protection

Healing unwanted habits

You will recieve:

Detailed Reiki 1 & 2 Manuals, 2 meditation mp3 recorded in Manisha's voice, certificates,name in the students list which is published on the website.

The class material is designed to help professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, doctors, physicians and also regular people,who are interested in using Reiki for healing friends, family and self healing. The class is a combination of lecture, practical, meditations and theory.All of this is taught at a relaxed pace so that the student can understand and start to use it daily with ease, after the class. The classes are designed to help the student use it for their personal use as well as family and friends.

Tuition: $ 350 or Deposit $150 before and $200 on the day of the class.

Payment method: cash, paypal

Timings: 9 am- 6 pm both days

Prerequisites: None

Preparations: Be kind to yourself, drink lots of water, aovid non-vegor have vegetarian before, after and during the class, avoid alcohol, take a head shower on the first day, wear loose comfortable, colorful clothes, avoid perfumes, try to meditate or be silent for some time after the class.


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