Reiki Level 3B/ Master Teacher

Step into the Reiki Mastery with new /knowledge and create powerful difference in the lives of people you meet.

You can become a Reiki Master Teacher as soon as you take Reiki ART class However,if you want to wait you can wait for 3 to 6 motnhs before embarking the new level of inner journey. This is a 2 day experiential, certificated workshop and will allow you to develop your skills,practice and teach Reiki to others.

This class is for you if:

You are a Reiki 3a and are ready to be a Master
Or if you are already a Reiki master and would like to enhance your Reiki training and skills
Professional qulaity Reiki master teacher Training
Learn Japanese techniques
Want to learn the deep and hidden spiritual aspects of Reiki as Consciousness Creative Force/ Adi Shakti

You will learn:
Master Attunement Symbols
Violet Breath
Learn to attune others
Attuning Self
Healing Attunement
Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
Values and Spiritual orientation of spiritual master
Starting your practice

You will recieve:

Detailed Reiki 3B Manual, one meditation mp3 recorded in Manisha's voice, Master Attunement, certificate, name in the students list which is published on the website.

Tuition/Investment: $ 650 or Deposit $50 before and $200 on the day of the class.

Payment method: cash, paypal

Timings: 9 am- 6 pm both days

Prerequisites: Reiki 3A

Full support is offered by Manisha after completion of the workshop by telephone or email.

A follow-up session will be arranged at about 2 weeks after the workshop to discuss your healing experiences. You will be encouraged to attend Manisha's Reiki shares in order to share your experiences and enhance your skills.

Preparations: Be kind to yourself, drink lots of water, aovid non-vegor have vegetarian before, after and during the class, avoid alcohol, take a head shower on the first day, wear loose comfortable, colorful clothes, avoid perfumes, try to meditate or be silent for some time after the class.

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